​​Aggressive Firearm & Self Defense systems​​
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Realistic Training
We are a training facility organized by a single female.  A female who's first initiative was to protect females.  She sought out to find the most overall versatile fighter.  This leads to our head instructor. Our Mission is to teach you how to use a firearm and other weapons to defend yourself.  The most important aspect is to aviod confrontations however, when its time to fight its time to fight.  Our training facility is designed like an old school gym.  A place to go and get the best work out for all types of self defense.
Shooting with speed and accuracy, or throwing the hardest, fastest punch.  This is the place with emphasis on realistic training.
Our head instructor has been an avid fighter for 38 years.  Started with boxing at twelve martial arts at thirteen.  Trained and worked with numerous organizations to include Federal, State, and local law enforcement. Having worked primarily in undercover operations, Gangs, Narcotics and crime suppression teams.  With over 350 drug and illegal firearm purchases.  Working the streets and trained from east coast too west.  Working the majority of undercover operations totally alone.  Being under for 2 months up to a year at a time.   Imagin being out at 2am  alone in some of the worst areas. So carrying concealed and dealing with confrontations has been apart of his everyday life.

So join us, become a member and learn self defense from numerous angles.  Angles that has Kept  our instructor alive for over 30 years.

We have 3 assistants to help keep each class safe. They provide the role playing and keep you safe.  All have worked with, under, or have been students of the chief instructor for at least 3 years. 

BE A MEMBER!   Membership

Become a member, its a great way to train at a affordable price.  Proficiency doest happen over night .  All of our classes work together to help you become that competent defender.