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Realistic Training

Reality Based Training.

Prepare for the unexpected

Reality Based Training.
(With Force On Force/Simunition rounds)

Sometimes we're not as prepared as we thought.  The possibility that you may not do as well exist.  Train increase your survival rate.

This type of training is as close as you can get to real life.  Scenario's designed to increase your decision making ablilty while under stress.  Practice while your heart is pumping, going up against a real bad guy in life or death encounters.  Move, use cover, draw your weapon and then fire if  you must.  

Utilizing real firearms without the contamination of lead bullets.  
This non lethal bullet will provide a moderate pain tolerance wich will assist in forcing you to take cover and developing tatics  to avoid getting shot.   The flash from the gun will assist in giving you some idea of what its like to shoot in low light.

Our safety equipment, safety officers and 16 camera coverage will ensure training condusive to life saving tactics.

Let us help prepare you, and see the difference

Reality Based Training
(with airsoft guns).

Airsoft guns can provide realistic training.  It allows correction when utilizing bad tactics.  It allows you feel a moderate pain that becomes a detterent.  It gives you the ability to feel what works when dealing with scenario based situations.  Yes, live fire is needed when developing skills, but practicing technique is first.  You don't want to make bad habits constant.  

Go through our scenario base training to develope proper technique or get a feel what technique works best for you as an individual.  We provide you with technique, repetition and the ability to prepare yourself for that unexpected fight.

Our home base defense is enjoyed by all.  Giving realistic training in a realistic house, up to 9 rooms to clear.  Living room, Dinning,Den Kitchen, Bedrooms, and a Laundry room.

Reality Based Training (with airsoft guns)

What would you do if this happened to you? Would you be prepared?  These two ladies are now, with repetition they were able to correct mistakes.  Could you evaluate what took place and what you would do different, 

Home Defense Without Firearms.

Home defense is about making good choices.  Remain calm and think your way through.  Get your gun, knife, bat, or another weapon of choice.  However, you have three critical moves.   Do you know what they are?

1st.  First move should be ...
2nd.  Second move should be...
3rd.  The third move...

If you don't have the answer you should be calling us, if you do send us and email.(staff@aggressivefirearm.com)