​​Aggressive Firearm & Self Defense systems​​
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Realistic Training
Physical self defense is important more ways than one.  Four distinct catergories will help you defend yourself in any situation.  Unlike your typical self defense that doesn't work.  We teach you how to fight to make your enemy realize they chosed the wrong person.  

Mental Mindset
1.  Verbal communication to change the mindset of your potential opponet.
2. The will to win.
3.  Quick thinking for technical fighting
4.  Your ability to turn up the aggression. (even if your not an aggressive person)

Balance and movement
1.  You must be able to stand on your two feet and move while maintaining your balance.
2.  Generating maximum power with all strikes.

Know the parts of your body used as Defense and Offense.
1.  Hands, elbows, feet, knee's, and many more.
2.  The deliverance system for speed and power.

Know the science behind strikes
1.  When or what type of strike is needed.
2.  How to make your opponet do what you want for your next strike.
3.  When its time to stop the fight.