​​Aggressive Firearm & Self Defense systems​​
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Realistic Training
  1.  Training
 People, Environment
Potential  Threats  
Options given or created
Aggressive Response
Type of tool needed to OVERCOME   

Training provides options or assists in creating ways of escaping further danger. Thinking on your feet is one of our critical survival tactics. Learn to apply these tactics in every phase of our training. The most affective way to learn is through hands on training and role playing.  The degree of difficulty ranges from moderate to aggressive based on each student's pace.  Developing at a pace comfortable to each student.  

Awareness is the best form of self defense.  It allows you to visualize a potential threat, Thus allowing you to avoid and or prepare.  Knowing what to say or do can be a matter of life or death. 
Most people think the job, hang out, or grocery store is safe.  Time has shown there is no such place.  

​Peaceful resolutions are not always feasible.  Then the time has come to muster every angry thought and then some.  Meet and exceed the threat to overcome.  Then comes the way out.  Know when to take it and move on with your life.  This is what we teach, utilizing an aggressive defense until its no longer needed.​  This is our 3rd critical survival tactic, releasing the roar and actions of a lion. 

Select Type of Training

Procede to our store and make your selction.  If the class you would like to attend is not dated then put in your request and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Weapon Retention *
Precision Shooting*
Point & Shoot *
Room Clearing *
Knife Offense/Defense*
Weapon Takeaway*
Basic Fight 1**
Basic Fight 2**
​Youth Firearm Safety**
​Basic Rifle Course***

All classes are designed to Work with each other

Disabling Techniques*Pre-BF1
Moving and Shooting*
Use of Force**
Flashlight Training*
Ultimate Defense Training****
Kid’s Safety Course**
Technical Fighting*PRE-BF1
Personal Protection In The Home***
Defensive Vehicle Training